While Nigerian politicians can see 2019 and not 2018; former Nigerian President, Olusegun Obansanjo has a very different narrative.

Obansanjo has foretold the Second Coming of Christ which he says would happen any moment from now.

He said this on Saturday at the Apostolic Faith Church’s camp ground in Ibesa, Ogun State.

He asked Christians to be prepared, as the end of the world is near.

It was the 2017 Camp Meeting Concert by Apostolic Faith Church Choir and Orchestral. The former President expressed his desire to make heaven and sing with the angels.

“You have to be fully prepared for the second coming of our Lord, there is no compromise.

“I have a friend who will always say that when we get to heaven that we will be exhausted praising God and it will be like a prison and will be very boring.

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“But what I have seen this afternoon by the choir, I will want to go to heaven and join the hosts to sing.

“If this is an example of what praising God in heaven will be, then I want to be part of it. If what I have seen here is an indication of how heaven will be, I will like go to heaven.

“Jesus Christ came to the world to show us the way to salvation and eternal life. We have a good heritage and we have everything to be proud of,” he said.

Obasanjo said that God could not fix Nigeria except Nigerians invited God into their lives collectively and individually.

“We have a lot of things wrong with this country, if all Nigerians are sincere.

“Nigeria can be fixed by God but we have to invite Him into our lives. What we have to do about this country is in our hands.

“God’s grace abounds when we do not abuse it,” he said.

The District Superintendent, Apostolic Faith, West Africa, Reverend Adebayo Adeniran, emphasised that only tolerance, peaceful coexistence and harmonious living amongst Nigerians , irrespective of religious and political differences, could lead to meaningful development.

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All hands must be on deck to build again a virile nation, where love and harmony, forgiveness and peace, equity and prosperity would reign supreme, he stressed.

The pastor also expressed the belief that Nigerias shoulders would be raised high among the comity of nations.