You might wake up feeling nauseous and dizzy, after partying into the New Year.

The headache that comes with the hangover might not go away easily.

Abraham Ogbonna a barber in Egbeda, has found the best way to reduce the not so good effects of ‘too much enjoyment’ around cancelling of many bottles of alcohol.

The man, who is skilled with a clipper, talked to Bounce News about how he shakes off the effect of a hard night of drinking - by cleaning.

“I woke up by 10 a.m. on New Year’s day, my friends had gone, and I was still having a hangover form the night before. I swung into action. I washed my face, and began cleaning”

Abraham says that while he was cleaning his house, the  hangover reduced and eventually disappeared.

He swears that from simple things as picking up disposable cups, to doing laundry, and washing the toilet and bathroom, hangover could just be a small thing to handle. 

Is the hair barber saying the truth?

A fitness trainer, and Health Enthusiast, Chinwe Obiwanne, while speaking to Bounce News says getting some exercise even when you don not feel like it, could stimulate the release of endorphins, hormones, that can improve your mood.

"Low intensity exercises can help restore your mood and energy. Light aerobics and Yoga can help you feel better without making things worse.

"Also in the case of Abraham, the house chores are light, so it works," she said.

Abraham Ogbonna is not afraid of a hangover, but he is beginning to consider, reducing his beer intake.

“I enjoy cleaning, even now that I am  married, I will still be cleaning, but I don’t want to clean because I am trying to get rid of a hangover” he said.

Instead of fighting hangover, it is better to stay away from alcohol.