A doctor has suggested that non-degradable polythene bags should be replaced with more environment-friendly bags for waste disposal in order to save the environment.

Dr Bunmi Akinola of the University of Ilorin's Teaching Hospital made the suggestion while appealing to residents of Kwara state to adopt healthy waste disposal habits to check environmental degradation.

“It is safe for every individual to volunteer to keep our environment clean because the environment determines a healthy living.

“Maintaining the environment should not to be left for government alone.

“We as individual can also volunteer to be a cleaner by dumping refuse at the proper place and not anywhere on the street in order to maintain a healthy environment,” he said.

The doctor explained that the planet earth, in which we all live, is under threat that demand worldwide intervention to avert and not only the government responsibility.

According to him, uncontrolled industrialisation processes and other human activities lead to imbalances in the environmental system which has a negative effect on the health.

Therefore, emission of carbon fumes from various machines should be reduced to barest minimum.

He urged the citizens to participate in ‘Keep Kwara Clean’ by demonstrating their willingness to offer free service towards maintaining a healthy environment.

“This is the time for everybody in the state to be ready to offer free service, energy, time, skills and other resources to maintain a conducive and healthy environment without expecting any financial reward in return,” he said.