Friday is literally the opposite of Monday - it's the day everyone earnestly looks forward to because it signals the end of the (work) week, and the beginning of the weekend when everybody can finally let their hair down, relax and get ready for another week. 

For those in a relationship, it's the time to hook up with bae and have a great time together at home or outdoors. If you're in this category and you're thinking about what to do or where to go just to give your sweetheart a good time, you can try out any of the date night ideas we'll be sharing below.

1. Visit a karaoke bar

If you live in Lagos, you'll agree that the nightlife here is as hip and up-to-date as you would find in any metropolitan city around the world. Karaoke bars are becoming very popular because of the goofy fun that they offer. You can visit one of them with your partner and sing your hearts out while enjoying chilled drinks and finger foods. Both of you can later reminisce about how you murdered your favourite songs while singing off key in bar filled with amused strangers. 

2. Go to an open-air bar with live music

Blasting your favourite music on your fancy CD player is cool, but listening to that same music or something similar being played live with some extra pizzazz is way cooler. So hang out with your boo at any nice open-air bar (or joint in Nigerian speak) of your choice (there are lots of them in Lagos) and watch the live band belt out some really great tunes while you're enjoying the fresh air and your refreshments. It's an entertaining way to spend a Friday evening.

3. Netflix and chill

If either you or your partner is a homebody who would rather stay at home than spend a night out in town, then an indoor date night is a perfect idea for you two. You can cook dinner together, or just buy something to eat and binge-watch your favourite TV shows or movies. What matters is that you're both relaxed and having a fabulous time in each other's company. 

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