Yes! The akpako master, Terry G is back with a brand new one and its titled ‘Chimo’.

For some reasons, the usually energetic and many times eccentric entertainer has decided to go very gentle on us.

From its title, ‘Chimo’ which means God in English is a song to praise the Almighty for his many blessings.

He also shows off some lyrical prowess with well laid rap bars and you will like it.

Not a bad idea as we understand that Terry G is growing up and obviously embracing his maturity in music. But don’t we just miss our real Terry G?

Or is this just the intro to the real ginjah?

WATCH the video for Chimo and let’s know if you want the old Terry G back.

While you draw your review, lets shout hallelujah fpr the return of the Akpako Master!