There are reports that not less than 19 people were killed in an Islamist militant attack on a village in northeast Nigeria in the early hours of Sunday.

Reuters reports that this might be the minimum number after an aid worker at a camp that received the survivors, and who declined to be identified, put the death toll at 63.

However, a survivor of the attack, Abatcha Umar said he had counted 19 people killed, including his younger brother.

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According to Umar, the militants attacked the village of Mailari in the Guzamala region of Borno state at around 2 a.m. He said he had not been able to tell whether they belonged to Boko Haram or to ISWA.

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The Islamist militants had been spotted around the village three days before their attack, said Umar. Locals had warned Nigerian troops stationed in the nearby town of Gudumbali, but no action was taken, he said.

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