Owners of private medical facilities in Ondo state are currently operating under the fear of being arrested for doing their job.

State authorities, which seem to have just realized the health sector is replete with quacks, appear to have woken up to their responsibilities.

While receiving the state monitoring team of the hospital service department, the state commissioner for health, Dr. Wahab Adegbenro declared that those who toiled with the lives of people in the state would be brought to book.

"The state has zero tolerance for quackery, hence the ministry will make monitoring a more regular exercise and whoever runs foul of the order will be made to face the full wrath of law." He said.

Some private hospital owners in the state described the threat as an attempt to extort money from the operators.

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"We have an association of private medical doctors in the state and there is no any private hospital owners in the state that does not belong to the association.

"We pay our dues regularly and once in a while, we hold meeting with the state government to update them on the state of things within our environment.

"So it really sounds funny to hear that monitoring team from the ministry of health are out to arrest our members for quackery." Said a private medical doctor.

Also, another member of the association said they are now operating in fear.

"Since I heard the news, I have not been admitting patient in my hospital. They either come to receive treatment or I treat them as outpatient in their homes.

"Because it is obvious they are out primarily to make money from us and we don't have the money."

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