A man that is down fears no fall.

This best describes what Evans has been doing since his arrest.

He might be down but he is not going down alone as he has started mentioning high-profile accomplices.

It was gathered that detectives investigating the case were kept busy on Monday, taking him round Lagos, with a view to rounding up all those he had named.

On the arrest of the kidnap don in Lagos, sources said some of the investigators left Lagos in the early hours in search of other named accomplices said to be outside Lagos, especially Edo, Umuahia, Aba, Onitsha and Nnewi, his home town, where he held sway for long until he relocated to Lagos.

Efforts, according to sources, are also in top gear to locate his properties scattered all over the towns where he operated. 

They have also strengthened security around the kidnap kingpin based on intelligence reports that some of the high-profile accomplices are gearing up to find means of silencing their leader to stop him from talking.