The success of Nollywood at the cinemas is driven by the audience.

With the top 3 highest selling Nollywood films at the cinemas all being comedies - Wedding Party, 30 Days in Alanta and A Trip To Jamaica, the popularity of comedy movies at the cinemas have been attributed to audience preference and the scant numbers of cinemas.

This new trend has shut out other Nollywood genres like horror, animation, thriller and Afrofuturistic  movies from making it into the cinemas.

Film maker, Daniel Oriahi explains why these movies never make it into the cinemas when they are not comedy or have comic elements, he also proffers a way out.

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“It’s all about numbers, somebody tries to make a type of  movie and others follow and do it that is where comedy came about, somebody tried it, and it worked, and people are still trying it.

''With the kind of money you spend on production, you cannot be experimenting.

''Apart from comedy, every other thing put out there is not making money.  It’s all about money, if you’re not making money what’s the point?” film maker, Daniel Oriahi told Bounce News.

A good movie costs an average of 10 million Naira and above, so no one would want to spend that kind of  money to experiment on a film that Nigerians might not want to watch.

Daniel Oriahi who has made movies for cinema, television, and web series has a theory to help film makers.

“My theory is, the only way actors and film makers can survive is to go for TV. If you want to try diversity try television or web series.  Here you can try other genres but for cinema its comedy that is selling” he suggested.