Two weeks ago, Tekno dropped his first single of the year: "Anyhow" featuring OG, Flimzy and Selebobo.

Now, he has dropped a music video that stamps the song one of Tekno's unimpressive efforts.

With "Anyhow" Tekno tries to go the Shaku Shaku way, but he really does not do much with it.

Even with all the inconsequential artistes he gathers on the song, the only thing fans will remember is the great music production.

Designed to be a dance number, "Anyhow" follows the long list of Nigerians songs that are incoherent.

The song takes three themes and jams them into incomprehensible lyrics.

It's first a diss song, that has Mr Eazi as the target; then it switches into a love song before landing as a song about 'blowing'.

We hope Tekno will learn. The year is still young.

Watch the video for "Anyhow" below and share your thoughts: