His offence was that he tried to save a girl being abused by her boyfriend on the street, but he lost his life in the process.

A teenager whose identity is yet to be disclosed has been shot dead by a stranger abusing his girlfriend on the streets of New York.

The deceased was said to have got into an argument with the man over the way he was disrespecting his girlfriend but the man instead brought out a gun and fired two shots. 

In the video, a woman can be seen screaming for spectators to do something but no one moved as they informed her that nothing could be done. 

"Does anybody know how to do CPR?" the woman asked, crying. 

"Miss, trust me, trust me, miss, he can't breathe right now. He's gone," voices replied in the background.

Police officers arrived soon after that and everyone except the lady gave way.

This is happening few days after a Cleveland man, Steve Stephens shot dead an elderly man, Robert Godwin Sr, 74, on a sidewalk in Pennsylvania.