The 17-year-old victim, who could not be named, had gone shopping with her friend where they met a 29-year-old man who chatted them up.

The man reportedly bought alcohol for them and invited them to his house the following day.

The incident happened in Columbus, Ohio, where they met Raymond Boyd Gates.

The next day at Gates’ house, they also had some drinks and reportedly got a bit drunk.

But what started as fun suddenly turned sinister, reports say; as Gates raped the tipsy 17-year-old girl.

As he was doing so, however, the other 17-year-old girl, identified as Marina Lonina, started filming the sickening attack, livestreaming it through the Periscope app and twisted people started ‘liking’ the video.

One of Marina’s friends saw the horrifying clip. Alarmed, she contacted the police, who investigated.

Both Marina and Gates were charged with kidnapping, rape, sexual battery and pandering sexually-orientated matter involving a minor.

Marina was also charged with use of a minor in nudity-orientated material or performance, for live-streaming her friend naked the day before.

A police report accused Gates of holding down the victim with his body weight while assaulting her, saying she could be heard screaming ‘No, it hurts so much’ and ‘Please stop.’

Although Marina Lonina had no physical involvement in the rape itself, the case provoked a huge outcry because she filmed the traumatic attack.

Some believed that made her just as bad as the rapist himself. But others suggested she was a victim, too, having been manipulated by an older man.

The victim alleged Lonina had set up the rape, but Marina Lonina’s lawyer denied this.

Both Gates and Marina initially pleaded not guilty to all charges.