Teebillz seems to have mastered the art of making us get worried about his welfare.

How you go from wanting to take time off social media to angrily addressing the rumour of Tiwa dating Wizkid within 24 hours still does not add up.

And he wasn’t even calm about it. He says it would be disrespectful to him for Tiwa to date a Wizkid when the likes of Otedola, Dangote and Mr Adeleke are there.

Almost everyone seems to agree that those close to Teebillz need to check on him, but does this not also confirm that Tiwa and Teebillz might just still be an item?

Read his post:

Weather you like it or not Ayo is my lil bro and he knows not to cross me on blood Gang ??..... we don’t play that shit on 400 blocks! That’s my lil Nigga and is Big Hommie Sauce kid aka Sinzu guaranteed me on the lil homie even though he’s my blood and Mr Capable Banky W is my blood! ......... I’m just saying this to the general public that tend to come at me on some disrespectful Shit!!!! For your information! Thank you Titi for respecting me! your opinion on her and my lil bro Wizzy is bullshit! Don Jazzy! Jazzy! Will never allow that! WizKid they fuck Tiwa? I trusted you fam??????????? He will never allow that!!!!

Tiwa gets mad at me on my own P but she will never put me down like that....... she better be fvking with Femi Otedola, Aliko Dangote, Or Mr Adeleke Aka Baba Olowo!!!. If you are not in that category then FUCK YOU..and at the the end of the day my hustle will match on with my responsibilities in my kids names !!! But 4real on Jamil#!!!!! Tiwa will never disrespect me like That!!! FuCK your opinion on them!!!! @tiwasavage @wizkidayo keep giving us that ?????????? congratulations blood @wizkidayo on The NIKE thanks for putting Naija On the Map’ #Blessings??

It will be nice to see how Wizkid reacts to this.

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