Bounce News was at the conference during which some very exclusive Master Classes held with speakers drawn from select leaders in Nigeria's budding technology industry.

Here are a few memorable and priceless quotes from speakers at the conference that you should engrave in your heart.

1. "There is a reason to be afraid of Artificial Intelligence (AI). If you are not afraid, you better be. The industrial revolution separated the first world from the third world  and development made some vast difference. For AI it will bring ten times more gap between countries that embrace robotics and those that don't" - Silas Adekunle, CEO, Reach Robotics

2. "I know lots of certified idiots that have paper qualifications but cannot implement anything. I employ people who can perform on the job and I don't care about what you studied; I care about logical reasoning and results" - Silas Adekunle, CEO, Reach Robotics

3. "Offline is better than online. At least here in Nigeria, people cannot afford to buy data. Not all technology is online. It's my opinion you may not agree. But having access to people directly will retain their attention over longer periods of time" - Ope Senbanjo, Executive Director, Value Media

4. "It pays to start small, there was plenty drinking gari and suffering when I started. I used my dinning table as our first office space and we were only 4 when we started. It was hard but we stuck to it and we believed" - Jide Martin, CEO, Comic Republic 

5. "I have traveled around the world and have seen how countries with neither oil nor agriculture are economically developed. This is why Nigeria must embrace technology if it must develop" - Minister of Communications, Adebayo Shittu

6. "This gathering is not the legacy system against the technology system. It is not the old and tested methods against the youths and their radical approach for change; its about understanding that we all exist in an eco-system; where we all need each other to succeed and secure the future" - Taiwo Oyewole, MD, Techplus