If you own shops in Alaba, Aba, Oshodi or anywhere in Nigeria, you should have no fear about the increasing trend of online shopping.

Even in the ten years, you will still be in business.

This is according to some players in the industry who spoke on “The Future of e-commerce” at the ongoing TechPlus 2017 in Lagos.


At some point, with the increasing online marketplace penetration, the online sellers would not be any more different from the brick and mortar shop owners.

According to the OLX’s Senior Manager, Business Development, Mayokun Fadeyibi e-commerce and offline trade will continue to complement each other; especially as the growth becomes exponential allowing more people take advantage of the business model.

On her part, the Vice President of Digital Marketing in Jumia, Bili Sule projects that some problems facing online sellers including: poor logistics and unstable payment infrastructure would gradually ease over the next 10 years making room for more accelerated growth.

She added that the growth of the middle class means e-commerce will continue to gain traction.

However, if you are a player in the e-commerce sector, you need to pay attention to your customer acquisition strategies.

Didi says mobile technology will define e-commerce, so your strategy has to be 100% mobile. As they say "App First, Mobile First".

Also, your ability to mine relevant data and use it to target your customers with relevant products will determine if you will succeed or not.  

Understand the people to whom you sell, don't force them to understand your product.