Time changes yesterday and today is no better than a reflection of the last 30 seconds.

What do you think banking would look like, say in the next 10 years?

Well, you may have never thought about it.

But by that time, a number of things will change with how you keep, save, spend or even borrow money from your bank.

First, it may become impossible to find a physical location called a 'banking hall'.

Second, financial experts (not bankers) will come to you instead of you going to them as is currently the practice.

Third, the act of banking will have a totally new definition which may not be related to the principal noun "bank".

Banks will remain a place where it is ensured that your money remains safe but banking will become a split function of telecommunications, financial technology providers and the banks.

You will be served without having physical contact with the present day cashier or branch manager who approves transactions for certain sums.

These were some of the resolutions reached during a session on 'The Future of Banking' at the ongoing TechPlus2017 conference.

Speaking on the theme, Joseph Iruafemi who is a Business Developer at Websphere Limited said: “The future of banking remains in the hands of technology. Models of banking will change because of the technological disruptions. Banks have to find new streams of income in order to remain in business.”

So if you are thinking of building a career as banking or finance; think smart, learn the importance of intelligent technology; a term paper or an 'A' in some courses are no longer enough.

Do you think these are realistic projections? Yes, they are...