Awareness of puberty in teenage children is essential to their physical and psychological development.

A medical expert, Dr Tesleem Ajiboye, said so.

This is the reason why parents need to give proper sex education to their children to reduce the increasing incidence of rape and other vices in the society.

“Some children experience confusion and they feel something is wrong with them when they experience some changes in their bodies during adolescence.

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“This is simply because they were not prepared for the changes physical, emotional and psychological.

“A very important part of parenting is in the management of teenagers, parents should talk to their children, especially the girls about menstruation and the boys about wet dreams.

“These things are normal, and letting them be aware of their sexuality, we should be careful not to scare them or make them curious.

“Explain to them in simple terms and let them know especially the dangers of unwanted pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections in unsafe and unprotected sexual intercourse,” he said.

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