This is a classic case of one’s action and tongue landing them into trouble.

A Taxify driver decided to get raunchy with his drunk female passenger, as if his actions were not bad enough, he decided to brag about it to another passenger who found it very disturbing and decided to report it to the company.

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And now, it has cost him his job as Taxify has responded by pulling him off the platform. 

Taxify made their intervention known via their Twitter handle, @taxifyng, after a Twitter user, Oreoluwa Fakorede shared the confession of a Taxify driver on his handle, @OreFakorede.

Fakorede tweeted, “A Taxify driver just confidently told me that he picked up an inebriated passenger and molested her sexually while she was under the influence. Apparently, the woman, riding in the front seat, was wearing a short skirt and her privates were exposed. “I fingered her,” he said.”

“Of course, there’s no proof. Of course, he’s blaming the woman’s ‘carefree’ behaviour for his criminality. It’s ridiculously easy to get away with abuse in a society that doesn’t respect people’s rights to their own bodies.”

He later revealed, “Taxify has reached out to me and I have given them all the information I have about the case. They’ve acted very sensibly by first pulling the driver off the road, then going ahead with a proper investigation. No one is playing with this, as it should be.”

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