Cristiano Ronaldo has begun his quest to clear his name of tax fraud allegations hovering over his head.

The Portuguese star has released a statement following his hearing in court on Monday regarding claims he had failed to pay his taxes in full.

The current Ballon d'Or holder is being accused of not declaring €14.7 million worth of taxes between 2011-14.

After a hearing that lasted an hour and a half, he did not speak to the media in the immediate aftermath but instead released a statement.

"I have never hidden anything, nor have I ever had the intention of evading taxes," said Ronaldo.

"The Spanish Treasury knows the details of all my income because we have given them it.

"I always do my tax returns voluntarily because I think we all have to declare and pay taxes according to our income.

"Those who know me know what I ask my advisors: to have everything up to date and properly paid because I don't want problems."

Suggestions that Ronaldo created a special company to deal with his image rights when he completed a world record move from Manchester United to Real Madrid in 2010 are completely rejected by the player.

"When I signed for Real Madrid, I did not create a special company to manage my image rights, but kept the same one that managed them when I was in England," he continued.

"Lawyers recommended by Manchester United created it in 2004, long before I thought of coming to Spain. The one used was usual in England and was verified by the Treasury and ratified that it was legal and legitimate."

Ronaldo's advisors are reportedly confident the player will be cleared of any wrongdoing but in the event they fail to do so, the Real Madrid star could spend three-and-a-half years behind the bars. 

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