The stories from landlords and shop owners who lost their properties in the tanker explosion that rocked the city of Akure on Wednesday, October 3, are not in any way palatable.

After one week of languishing in pain, the victims of circumstance are letting out their anger and frustrations of being abandoned in their pathetic situation.

A renowned building materials dealer, Taye Atikase lamented how the inferno has reduced him to nothing.

"This is my only source of livelihood. I have been in this business for over 15 years and I decided to maintain only one shop because this is where everybody knows me with.

"In just a night, everything went off in flame. Since last week, there has not been anybody from the state government to renew our hope of a better tomorrow.

"As for me, I don't even know what to do presently because I will have to start all over again. Where do I raise money from? How do I take care of my family?

"This is why I, like other affected people need the assistance of the government in this respect."

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One of the landlords simply identified as Baba Kola said he and his family narrowly escaped being trapped in the fire.

"When we noticed what happened, we had to escape because the fire was already spreading towards our area. It was from afar off that we saw our house and other houses being razed. It was as if we were watching an Africa Magic film.

"We've been squatting in a family house since then. We lost everything we had, and since then, we have been expecting the government to do something. Nothing has happened yet.

"Except for a divine intervention, I don't know how I can handle it because I have been retired for the past ten years in the civil service.

"I built the house when I was still in service. If nothing happened, that means, my family and I will have to get punished for no offense of our own."

These sorry tales are just a few among several other narrators, who are currently in deep agony unleashed by the tanker explosion.

While addressing the irate youths who had earlier blocked the expressway protesting the incident, the state deputy governor, Agboola Ajayi called for calm, saying the government will take inventory of properties lost in the inferno and see how it can intervene.

The tanker explosion which occurred on Wednesday along Ilesh-Owo expressway in Akure was said to have claimed five lives, burnt eight vehicles, including several houses and shops in the area.

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