It appears there is no end in sight to the war raging in Syria, and Russia which is fighting on the side of the government has suffered a terrible loss.

On Saturday, Syrian rebels shot down a Russian warplane and killed its pilot on the ground after he ejected from the plane, according to Russia’s defense ministry and Syrian rebels.

Reuters reports that the warplane, SU-25 came down in an area of northern Idlib province that has seen heavy air strikes and fighting on the ground between Syria’s government forces backed by Russia and Iran, and rebel groups opposed to President Bashar al-Assad.

Syrians opposed to Assad see Russia as an invading force they blame for the deaths of thousands of civilians since Moscow joined the war on the side of the government in 2015.

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Of course, America is being fingered in the incident for providing weapons to the rebels but the U.S. State Department, in a swift reaction said it had seen the reports about the incident but denied allegations that the United States provided missiles to groups in Syria.

“The United States has never provided MANPAD missiles to any group in Syria, and we are deeply concerned that such weapons are being used,” said State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert. “The solution to the violence is a return to the Geneva process as soon as possible and we call on Russia to live up to its commitments in that regards,” Nauert said.

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