To the UAE, Qatar is now on its own for allegedly supporting the Islamist state and Iran.

The government has banned the people from publishing expressions of sympathy toward Qatar and will punish offenders a 15-year jail term.

In addition, those who violate this order would also be hit with a fine of at least 500,000 dirhams.

U.S. President, Donald Trump took sides in the deep rift in the Arab world on Tuesday, praising Middle East countries’ actions against Qatar, but later spoke by phone with Saudi King Salman and stressed the need for Gulf unity.

UAE Attorney-General Hamad Al-Shamsi announced the ban.

Al-Shamsi said: `strict and firm action will be taken against anyone who shows sympathy or any form of bias toward Qatar, or against anyone who objects to the position of the UAE, whether it be through the means of social media, or any type of written, visual or verbal form.”

Newspapers and television channels in the region have also been engaged in a war of words over Qatar’s role in these allegations.