Science students as they are now being referred to are everywhere.

Their discipleship is growing daily in Nigeria with more converts being drawn into the fold.

The war against drug has been on, but it has now climaxed and that is happening after BBC video went viral.

Reactionary measures have been taken, a major one being the ban on the sales and manufacturing of drugs that contain codeine.

Different individuals have raised concerns about the knee-jerk approach.

However, a Public Health Specialist, Dr. Eze Ugochukwu, believes families have a greater role to play in the reduction of the number of these ‘Science Students’.

drug addiction and how parents can check child's i
Dr. Eze Ugochukwu, Public Health Specialist with the Lagos University Teaching Hospital

Raising a child in the 21st century is one of the most challenging things to do and this is why parents have a lot of work to do.

Dr. Ugochukwu listed strategies parents can adopt to ensure their child do not fall victim of sweet, sweet codeine.

1.       Information

“Parents have even more work to do now and this will hinge on information.

“This is not a time when a parent can afford not to know.


“You must know some of these factors that can influence your child as a child, as an adolescence and as a youth.

“It begins with knowing. You need to know that these are the things that this child can be exposed to,” Dr. Ugochukwu told Bounce News.

2. Talk, Talk And Talk

If you are a parent that does not make out time to talk to your children about trending social issues; this is the time to begin.

“Parents will need to begin to talk about it at home and even show pictures of how damaging some of these things could be.

“If these things are not discussed in a home, they have their peers and they always give them these information and they are always enticing them.

“They tell them how nice, how beautiful and how powerful you can feel on some of these drugs,” the doctor highlighted.

He further stressed that parents need to discuss the dangers that children could face in the society - substance abuse, sexuality and addiction to social media.

3. Take Child To Rehabilitation Centre

One great way parents can make a child see the dangers of involving in drug abuse is to make out time and take that child to a rehabilitation centre just to show the child the repercussion of involving in substance abuse.

This will help give the child a feeling of how terrible it could get and make the child abstain.

Christ Against Drug Abuse Ministry rehabilitation

“Parents can drive their children to rehabilitation centres and make them see what intake and abuse of drug could lead to. Children have to see first-hand, the danger and how devastating and ugly people who are addicted to drug could be.

4.       Monitor, Monitor and Monitor

If you still consider the use of social media evil, worldly and a social engagement used by the devil, here lies one reason you should have a rethink and sign up.

Providing money for children to go to school, buying textbooks and taking them to church are no longer enough.

According to the doctor, two of the greatest struggles that teenagers have are self-esteem and definition of independence.

“This is a time that parents should actually be interested in their children and become their friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networks.

social network usage

The doctor says parents can monitor their children’s pages and know what is on in their minds.

Take time to see who their friends are and then be able to check the kind of discussions they have in your absence.

"That is invasion of privacy, some persons will say, but when the child becomes a drug addict, this private affair will become everybody’s problem.

"If you are a parent and you cannot follow up with your child’s social network usage and activities, then there is a big issue", he added.