Civil service jobs in Nigeria is one that many persons that are in the workforce do not want to leave.

They say it has job security, but sometimes the largess there is what holds people bound to their seats.

Imagine not working for years and still receiving salary monthly.

When one hears there is decay in Nigeria’s civil service, it comes like a usual thing.

But the extent of this decay is not seen sometimes.

In Bayelsa, where a former President, Goodluck Jonathan hails, are sights and sounds of this decay showing everywhere.

The government of the state is now keen on addressing the decay and it has started reforms.

Vehicles people believe should have been auctioned

All sectors have been affected and some persons are getting sacked while others are being moved to other ministries and agencies.

Transportation is one sector that most Nigerian states have at one time or the other ventured into and Bayelsa is not left out. 

In 2001, the state saw a need to address the transportation challenge of its people and established a transport company called Bayelsa State Transport Company Limited. 

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That company today is near total collapse the only thing is that people are still collecting salaries even when they do not work.

On Monday the Commissioner for Information, Daniel Iworiso-Markson, explained the reforms the government is implementing at a meeting between the government and civil servants.

A shocking revelation was made that opens up leakages in the civil service that should be plugged. 

“The Bayelsa Transport Company Limited has more than 100 drivers with only 17 vehicles,” the commissioner said.

He also talked about one civil servant who was receiving salaries meant for 300 workers.

Cases of leakage are being blocked by state authorities as they adopt the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System together with the new Bank Verification Number.

Bounce News visited the Ministry of Transportation where the office of the Bayelsa Transport Company is and the images of the buses and other vehicles tell tales of fallen glory, waste and impunity. 

The rot in Bayelsa Civil Service has increased to the extent that no past Governor of the State is able to complete their infrastructural development before their tenures ends. Even salaries and pensions of workers at some point were inconsistent. 

Governor Seriake Dickson assumed office in 2012 and immediately stopped the indiscriminate employment of unqualified persons into the civil service.

In his bid to sanitise the system, he introduced the 'Bayelsa Public Service Reforms.

The government says after the reforms it will employ 1,000 graduates since some old persons that have reached retirement age have been forced to retire.   

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