The recent conclusion of the 2018 'Bemore summer boot camp', one of the several foundations of Ondo State governor’s wife, Mrs Betty Akeredolu, has opened a can of worms against the first lady.

Mrs Akeredolu who assumed office as the first lady in Ondo state with only BRECAN as pet project, with its office in Ibadan, is now a chairperson and founder of about four different foundations in less than two years in office.

What remains in the dark to members of the public, however, is the source through which she funds her multiple projects.

Investigation by Bounce News correspondent in Akure revealed that BRECAN, which is the brain child of the first lady, created to sensitise women on the scourge of breast cancer, only have it's office in Ibadan since it was launched.

But within the space of time she assumed office, it was confirmed its branches have spread to about 18 states in the country including the FCT.

Foundations like FOWOSO, BEMORE and Olori connection which were later initiated by the first lady while in office have allegedly been thriving and feeding fat from no definite source of funding.

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While it was argued in some quarters that most of the foundations were mere jamboree affairs and can be merged into one, stakeholders across the state are majorly concerned about the source of finance used in floating and maintaining the foundations.

A source within the government disclosed that though there was no constitutional provision for budgeting for the office of the first lady, it was a common knowledge that government has been the main financier of all the projects.

It was posited by the office of the first lady that each participant in the recently concluded 'Boot Summer Camp’, where four hundred laptops were given free to the young girls who paid 15,000 Naira for registration.

However, one of the participants and beneficiaries of the largesse disclosed that she didn't pay a dime for registration. 

"We filled the form and submitted it at the ministry of women affairs. And I was chosen through a text message," she said.

Another source within the office of the first lady claimed that there was a synergy with some cooperate organisation that foot some of the foundations bills, but looking deeply at the previous activities of all the platforms, it is difficult to ascertain if there is any sight of cooperate company.

"We understand that BRECAN has been her pet project before coming into government but what we don't get is how she has been able to reproduce it's branches across the country in less than 15 months.

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"FOWOSO was initiated with the aim of empowering women economically, but till date, nobody knows the source of that empowerment. 

"Other foundations are there as well. These are platforms that can always be merged together as one if not because of the underpinning motive behind their establishments," said one of the civil servants in the state.

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