Terrorized residents of Ijoka area of Akure have called for an immediate investigation and re-arrest of Rotimi Adeyeye and Adeoye Bukola, who have reportedly escaped with handcuffs from police custody in Akure, Ondo state.

The residents who expressed their disappointment in the state police, described the development as a conspiracy of the highest order.

According to a source in the area, the suspects were arrested for allegedly breaking into a house and robbing one Samuel Arifalo of valuable properties and thousands of naira at Ijoka area.

"Immediately they carried out their operations in our area, they escaped. But they were later arrested for cultism instead of robbery.

"When we got to know about their arrest, we went to the command headquarters and they were identified by their victim.

"We were expecting them to be charged to court after the proper investigation only for us to hear that they have escaped with handcuffs after 16 days" the source said.

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Another resident in the area said it is a betrayal of trust by the police.

"How can you say a criminal escaped from your custody with handcuffs. It is absolutely inexplicable and a total betrayal of trust.

"How were they able to achieve it with handcuffs in their hands. Who were the officers on duty? Were they sleeping or what? Certain questions must be answered here."

A source within the police command said some people in the neighborhood called the attention of the state police commissioner to the arrest of the suspects.

The state police boss was said to have ordered the transfer of the case to the Special Anti -Robbery Squad department but unfortunately, the suspects escaped with handcuffs.

The police spokesperson, Femi Joseph who confirmed the incident said the officers in charge have been arrested and efforts are in top gear to re-arrest the escapees.

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