The sun has just risen in the quiet city of Gombe State and 35-year-old Ibrahim Abubakar, an indigene of Kano State could be seen preparing his sugarcane for sale to prospective customers on the wheel barrow.

Ibrahim Abubakar is one of the youth who decided to leave their homes to seek greener pasture in Gombe State.

The sugarcane business is gradually playing an important role in the lives of some youth in Gombe metropolis.

The youth numbering about 50 are indigenes of Kano State who have decided to relocate to Gombe to do the sugar cane business. 

The youth who choose to be identified as Yan Kanawa revealed to Bounce News how the business has been beneficial.

Ibrahim Abubakar said he ventured into the business to keep the body and soul together.

“It is better than nothing so far I can make ends meet from it.”

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The rest of the youth could be seen occupying a certain place known as Tukuban Reke in World Market around Tumfure Gombe State.

Muhammadu Giyade from Bauchi State said he decided to leave his family and parents in order to fend for himself and ease the burden of his parents.

“I have a wife and two children whom this business of mine has been fruitful to”.


The oldest, Ado Harka age 55 says the word unemployment is not in their dictionary, as whatever perishable is in season is what they will transit into to keep the chain of business moving.

“From Sugarcane business we will be moving to Mango, Orange, Sweet Melon, Water Melon and later Ground Nuts, these are our only source and it has for years sustained us,” Ado told Bounce News.

“We don’t shy away from a business that fetches money and helps us to fend for our families,” he added.


Ado equally advised youth suffering from unemployment syndrome to get busy in one or two ventures that doesn’t demand much to begin.

Yusuf Wudil spoke about the challenges of the business.

He said, “Nothing is without challenges, ours here has to do with the sudden hike on the price of a hip of Sugar Cane, which used to sell for N1500 to N1800 but has been increased to N2500 to N2700.”

He revealed that fuel pump price was said to be behind the price hike, because most of the Sugar Canes are transported from Kaduna State.

He also expressed hope that the recent drop in the pump price would reflect on their business.

“We learnt fuel price has dropped from N145 to N140, we only hope that would also happen to prices of other commodities”.