Tension is building up in and around Gama Ward in Nasarawa Local Goverment Area of Kano State as thugs armed with sticks, clubs and machetes patrol the newly tarred road in the area.

The miscreants, some of whom were smoking substances suspected to be Indian hemp, forced vehicles belongings to the media and observers off the road.

On sighting the Hilux vehicle conveying reporters, one of the thugs was overheard telling his colleagues to seize any camera in sight.

Not far away from the scene, armed policemen and men of Civil Defence and those of the Department of State Services were seen trying to control a surging crowd of voters heading towards a polling area located at Gama Primary School.

Earlier, some reporters escaped with injuries as they scampered for safety when suspected thugs had a clash.

An eyewitness said that trouble started when the angry thugs turned on one of the reporters later identified as the correspondent of Authority Newspaper, Jerry Nmeribeh, for attempting to take photographs.

In the chaos which ensued, voters who were standing in line to vote ran for safety before sanity was later restored with the arrival of Police reinforcements.