On a day goalkeeper David Ariyo shipped in two goals that condemned his team Sunshine Stars to a 2-1 defeat, he took up another role that has now landed him in hot soup.

While Ariyo would have be commended for punching the ball, he went too far to assault an Assistant referee and that has now earned him a 12-match ban and a heavy fine to go with it to be paid by his club.

A statement from the League Management Company on Tuesday highlighted the breaches committed by the Sunshine Stars goal keeper.

The statement read: “Ariyo was charged for assault on an assistant referee contrary to Rule C11 of the NPFL Framework and Rules.”

In the summary jurisdiction notice issued the club, the LMC charged “You are in breach of Rule C9 of the Framework and Rules of the Nigeria Professional Football League, in that on Wednesday, 7th June, 2017, in the course of your Match Day 23 Fixture: Sunshine Stars FC vs Plateau United FC, you failed to control your players when they accosted the Assistant Referee and assaulted him”.

For failure to control the players in breach of Rule C9, the club was fined N750,000 while another fine of N250,000 was imposed on the club as compensation to the assaulted Assistant Referee pursuant Rule C12, and this will be in addition to payment of any additional certified medical expenses incurred by the Referee.