Travelling should be fun.

Unfortunately, it can take anyone who engages in it often down the road of less life expectancy if certain precautions are not taken. 

Travelling involves seating for long and this could affect the activities that aid proper blood flow in the body - blood clotting.

This could affect the heart, Dr. Eze Ugochukwu of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, says.  

Experts recommend that anyone who travels often should do a few things to ensure that they remain healthy and increase longevity. 

1.   Engage In Daily Workout

Most times when a traveler lodges in a hotel, there is always somewhere that daily workout could be done like a gym.

It is advised that travelers should engage in exercise to ensure they keep fit and also free the body from hours of sitting in one position.

swimming when you travel

Other forms of exercises that a traveler can engage during travel time is swimming, jogging playing football and dancing.

Take some time to swim in the hotel’s pool if you know how to swim. If you don't just sit or stand in the shallow end of the pool and allow the water caress you all over.


2.   Reduce Intake Of Alcohol

Sometimes, when people are in transit, especially in the company of other persons, access to alcohol seems to increase.

However, health experts recommend that there should be moderation to the intake of alcohol which is said to have tendencies of propelling some ailments. 

Excessive drinking has been known to lead to alcoholic cardiomyopathy and the best thing anyone who travels frequently should do to increase life expectancy is to avoid drinking. 

There are golden rules when it comes to drinking alcohol and you should check them out before you go on a drinking spree.

3.   Avoid Smoking Or Getting Exposed To Secondary Smoke

This is another substance that travelers are exposed to and it is advised to avoid smoking or being in an environment where people smoke tobacco. 

Tobacco smokers are liable to die young

4.   Solve Some Puzzle Or Play A Game

Engaging in puzzles and other games could help keep your mind busy, ensuring that there will be no dull moment all through your stay at this new location. 

what to do when you travel

5.   Find Fun, Make Friends And Be Happy

Sometimes when you travel you tend to miss those you left behind whom you are used to and this allows loneliness to creep in.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta of 'Living To 100' says studies indicate that being lonely is at per with being a smoker.

“It increases your risk of real diseases; like heart disease and diabetes," he says.

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"Its health effect is very real because loneliness can register in your brain as having pains, the neuroscientist said.

The simple act of saying hello and having someone smile back at you will have a great effect on your health.

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