Mrs Oha had come to work for my wife some months ago, she was this kind of woman that does more of sedentary work but paid less attention to exercise and what she eats. 

Her weight was far above her Body Max Index.

Few weeks ago she was at the hospital to stay with her daughter that had just put to bed, but she did not return alive from the hospital.

What started like a cough right there by her daughters nursing bed graduated to her holding her chest and falling to the ground.

Few minutes later she was gone and her body was lowered in the grave few days later.

Not too long from the time she died, a popular Nigeria Reggae musician, Ras Kimono left without bidding farewell to his family members. He slumped and that ended in death. 

Several other deaths in like manner have happened and even a sports commissioner was one of such.

You must have heard of similar cases too and everyone could be at risk.

Doctors have linked such deaths to the failure of the heart majorly, as a result of other issues that had existed for long.  

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Several factors are contributing to the increase in such deaths and the Chief Executive Officer of Mercy Health Care Hospital, Abuja, Dr. Salisu Banya, wants you to know these factors. 

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First, he says you will need to imbibe healthy habits to avoid the risk of non-communicable diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Banya described non-communicable diseases as major causes of sudden death globally.

He defined a non-communicable disease as “a chronic disease or a medical condition not caused by infectious agents but lasts for long period and progresses steadily but slowly".

The medical expert, who also described non-communicable diseases as metabolic illnesses, emphasised that diet, regular exercise, moderate intake of alcohol, abstinence from drug abuse and tobacco products were ways of preventing such diseases.

According to him, a lot of people are at risk of non-communicable diseases because they lack awareness as to the health implications of unhealthy practices that predispose them to such diseases.

Banya, also said regular awareness creation and education of the people would enable them to imbibe healthy habits.

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