The day started like every other day as both academic and non-academic activities were going on smoothly at the Osun State University (UNIOSUN).

Students could be seen running to catch up with lectures; while some others just finished lectures and were in groups discussing and lecturers also hurried along to meet up with classes. 

Then the unexpected happened....some officers of the Nigerian Air Force Institute of Safety in Ipetu Ijesa, Osun State, invaded the campus, beating students and workers.

The officers, who came to the campus in armored personnel carriers and other vehicles, were also armed with guns, cutlasses, daggers and clubs.

Although the cause of their invasion is not yet known, some residents revealed that the men came to arrest some students, who they claimed were involved in internet fraud, also known as Yahoo.

No fewer than 11 students were injured in the attack, while two workers were also reportedly injured as the military men reportedly used gun butts, cutlasses and sticks freely on anyone they came across.

The Dean, Student Affairs of UNIOSUN, Dr. Adebimpe Adigun, when contacted, said the situation was “bloody.”

She said, “Six of our students are on bed in the hospital now, five are being treated on the bench now. Two members of staff were also wounded by these military men.

“They did not fire a single shot, but they beat students and injured them. They also beat staff (members) and everybody.

“They threatened to shoot me if I moved close to them. I knelt down and begged them, but they did not listen.

“I called their commandant on the telephone to help talk to his boys. I think he did. because they have left our campus now.

“But we are yet to see some of our students who ran inside the bush to escape the attack.”