Bunmi Adewuyi has been married to Adegbite Adewuyi for 14 years and they have a child.

But she has filed for divorce at the Grade C Customary Court, Mapo in Ibadan because she fears for her life and that of her child.

Mouths were left ajar in court as Bunmi narrated the challenges she has been facing in her matrimonial home.

She said her life was no longer safe in the marriage as she experiences so many things that she feels would claim her life if she remains in the marriage.

"We were intimate last year, and some strange things came to strangle me on the bed and also, my monthly flow started and didn't stop again, and I became so lean and was almost dying.

"I went to the hospital for series of test and was told I don't have fibroid because the symptom I had was similar to it. I was given some drugs and later on it stopped.

"We became intimate again this year and the same thing happened, I spent a lot of money trying to take care of myself and he didn't even act like he knows something was wrong with me. I became so lean and frustrated," she lamented.

Bunmi, who claimed that her husband now has a new wife at home said that various things attack them in the house which she could no longer bear this.

"A lot of strange things happen in the house. We saw a snake inside the house, we tried killing it but to my amazement we couldn't find the snake any longer, whenever we go out, on our return, soldier ants would have invaded the house and this has happened on various occasions.

"Whenever he wants sex and I refuse him, he begins to fight me and threatens me that I would leave his house and I asked him if he wants me to go through another period of pain again but he doesn't care about all that.

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"He spends his money on social activities and not on his family. The problem was so much that I started having symptoms of stroke, my right hand and leg would just go limb.

"When my parents saw my predicament, they came to take me away from his house."

Adegbite on the other hand gave reasons why they experience soldier ants and snake in their vicinity.

"We stay in a new site that is why we experience such things in our neighbourhood. She saw a snake in the kitchen and called me but while trying to look for it, we could no longer find it so I told her probably it was not a snake she saw because there was no way I wouldn't have seen the snake she claimed she saw.

"She told me about some things strangling her whenever we are intimate, and I told her that we need to pray about it that it is the handwork of the devil. I have her best interest at heart and I did not partake in any diabolical thing against her."

He further claimed that he did not have any woman in his house but if his wife wanted to divorce him, he did not have any choice than to accept.

With both submissions indication that they were a couple tired of their marriage, court president, Odunade Ademola J. P dissolved the marriage and ordered that the child remains with his mother.

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