Constant electricity is what many Nigerians are praying for.

But Maiduguri residents are praying against it.

The reason? It costs so much, and they would rather have it intermittently if it drilled deep holes in their pockets.

According to them, the constant power supply has caused a huge increase in charges. They are demanding that the Yola Electricity Distribution Company reduce their electricity supply to the 12-hour daily that used to be the case.

Most residents of the state capital stormed the YEDC office on Wednesday to demand a reduction in electricity.

Reacting to the complaints by the residents, the YEDC Maiduguri Business Manager said, “These complaints may be as a result of the inauguration of the 330KV transmission line which now supplies electricity 24 hours.

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“On average, we now supply electricity in the town for a minimum of 22 hours in a day, which simply implies that the consumption of energy by residents in the state have multiplied or even tripled itself.”

Despite the explanation by the official, the residents are still not happy with the situation, demanding less electricity supply.

What do you think? Would you rather pay more to have more electricity or pay less for fewer hours of electricity?

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