Although late, this must be one of the best advices to women as Nigeria marked the 2018 International Women’s Day (IWD).

It is coming from governor of Ondo State, Dr Olusegun Mimiko.

Nigerian women need to go beyond singing after politicians, to pressing for affirmative action on their inclusion in government.

He said this on Thursday during an IWD celebration organised by Oduduwa Women Council in Lagos.

“It is not enough for women to sing after politicians, you must press for the affirmative actions on women inclusion in government.

“Women should take advantage of free nomination forms offered by political parties to get involved in contesting for political offices,” Mimiko said.

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He called for massive girl-child education to accelerate women inclusion in leadership, decision making and political participation.

The former governor told the audience in his keynote address that the world is no longer in the era of might, but that of knowledge.

“Men are stronger than women in physical strength, but we live in the world of mental strength, which most women possess.

“We are now in the knowledge economy where knowledge drives economy. The number one priority to address gender inequality and disparity is new commitment to girl-child education.

“There should be gender parity in the contest, opportunity for women to get to the height of their God-given potentials.

“There should be love around us for the inclusion of women in development,” he said.