The headline seems funny, but we need to hear Mr Edgal Imohimi out first.

The Lagos commissioner of police has been disturbed by the unwholesome behaviour of some police men after consumption of alcoholic beverages offered them allegedly by members of the public.

So, he is appealing to the good people of Lagos state to desist from offering or giving alcoholic drinks to policemen under his command.

In a plea on Thursday, he mentioned the misconduct of some policemen after consumption of all kinds of free alcoholic beverages given to them by friends, party makers and those who come to police stations for one reason or the other.

He stated that henceforth, any member of the public who offers a policeman alcoholic beverage would have a lot of explanation to give to the police authority, while the drunken officer would face the harshest possible punishment for drunkenness as stipulated in the Police Act.

He stated that should there be any need to offer them drinks, it must be mineral water or non-alcoholic beverages.

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In a similar vein, the commissioner of police has also warned all Area Commanders and Divisional Police Officers to locate and shut down all shops within their barracks, Area Command and Divisional premises where alcoholic beverages are sold or consumed in line with Nigerian Police Rules and Regulations.

All said and 'possibly' done, the question is, should men of the law not be disciplined and mature enough to know what is good for them?

When Lagosians offer them alcohol, do they force it down their throats?

One thing we cannot fault the CP for is the admittance that alcohol abuse plays a major role in most of the cases of police indiscipline, brutality and particularly “accidental discharge”.

But the burden is upon the men of the police to do some self-assessment and decide to live responsibly, starting with 'drink responsibly'.

Nevertheless, its kudos to the police boss.


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