In a country where life expectancy for the average male is 52.8 years, living up to 70 years as written in the Christian holy book, the Bible, is considered a blessing.

This high sense of fulfillment, however, came for senior citizen Oguefi Jiduche Onyia at 92 years when he witnessed the official opening of the Stephen Keshi Stadium, Asaba on Wednesday July 18, 2018.

Working for conglomerates like UAC, his friends’ and family’s contributions to his community and humanity gave Chief Onyia some satisfaction, but his happiness at being alive to watch the Africa Athletics tour, the test event at the Stephen Keshi Stadium, was overwhelming for him.

“Today is a very special day for me, now I am fulfilled, I trekked from Okpanam to the Stadium,’’ said Chief Onyia who at 92 years of age walks around without a walking stick, and is very coherent, agile and articulate.

Chief Onyia expressed his gratitude to the Executive Governor of Delta State, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa for completing the Stephen Keshi Stadium, Asaba.

“I am very pleased with Governor Okowa; he is the 16th Governor that has ruled Delta State.

“Asaba has been the capital city of Delta State for many years but it is only Okowa that deemed it fit to complete this stadium, God will bless him.”

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Chief Onyia who retired from UAC on April 1, 1983, is today the oldest person in Idumojei Quarters and the acting Oki-Egbo of Idumoje, he also played football as a young man and still follows the game.

A supporter of Arsenal and Chelsea, Chief Onyia’s day is not complete without reading every single word in daily newspaper, Sporting Life.

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“Before now, not having a stadium in Asaba was a blemish on the city. We love sports, especially football but we did not have a decent place to play.

“But today, God has used Okowa to take our blemish away. Today is a glorious day, every Asaba man is very happy, sports with all it socio-economic benefits will now come to Asaba.”

Chief Onyia welcomed delegates from different parts of the world, especially the countries whose athletes will compete for medals at the CAA Asaba 2018 African Senior Athletics Championships.

“I welcome all of them to Asaba and I wish them a happy stay in our city.”

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