Stephanie Okereke-Linus, like her fellow actress and producer, Omoni Oboli may soon be entangled in a legal battle over copyright infringement.
A script writer and lawyer, Daniella Madudu, claims that Stephanie's award winning film, ‘Dry’ was ripped from her original work titled 'Behind her Veil.’

It is believed that a certain Joy Ndidi, who has been a known associate of Okereke-Linus was on Miss Madudu’s team of readers and editors in 2011, and this Associate is alleged  to have made a copy of the script of ‘Behind The Veil’.

Madudu says she noticed similarities after the movie 'Dry' premiered across cinemas in Nigeria.

In the documents prepared by Lagos based solicitors, Rafiu Bello & co, Madudu is requesting credits as owner of the original story, since a substantial part of ‘BEHIND HER VEIL’ was adapted for the movie, 'Dry'.

In addition to this, she is requesting a suitable compensation of 60 million Naira and royalties, failing which she has threatened civil and criminal action against Stephanie Okereke-Linus and her associate, Joy Ndidi.

This drama is happening while the court case between Canada-based Nigerian writer and filmmaker Jude Idada and Nollywood’s Omoni Oboli is still ongoing, where Idada is accusing Omoni Oboli for stealing his idea for her film Okafor’s Law.