President Donald Trump will have the ears of the world again on Tuesday as he holds his first State of The Union Address.

There are speculations that the tone of his speeches have softened since the campaigns ended.

Other school of thoughts believe he may have burnt out over the last year. 

Beyond the speculations and guessing here are 5 facts about Trump's maiden official appearance at the Capitol as president.

1. 11 Democrats Will Not Attend

This is much less than the 60 lawmakers who chose to abstain President Trump’s inauguration.

However, it’s not an insignificant number as the president makes a major address on his policy goals.

If the people expected to deliberate on his policies and craft methods to make it work for the good of the people are not interested in what he has to say - then there is a serious problem of governance.

Illinois Representative Bobby Rush said he refuses to “participate in pomp and circumstance” that normalizes Trump’s “egregious and hateful” behavior. 

“This is a presidency that has been built on racism, stupidity, and lies, which has already wasted enough of America’s time and I will not waste any more of mine,” Rush said.


2. Trump Will Talk Tough On Immigration 

On Monday night, Trump vowed that he will hit hard on immigration policies which he accused past administrations of "talking without getting anything done. We will get something done."

The thrust of his Immigration policy is to expire protections for children brought to America illegally by their parents and keeping the best jobs for in America for Americans.

3. Celebrate His Market And Tax 'Success'

Donald is a business man and he strongly believes that America is re-opening for business like he shared in his key note speech at Davos.

In Decemeber 2017, there was a shout of HURRAY from investors buying heavily into US shares.

This followed the Senate’s passage of package of big tax cuts for corporations and high earners

Shares on Wall Street have hit record levels as financial markets around the world anticipate the biggest package of US tax cuts since Ronald Reagan was in the White House in the 1980s.

Trump will shout loud and clear for all to hear that it is profitable to not only use America as a corporate base but it is also possible to manufacture in America.


4. Trump Support 50/50 Trade Agreements Not 'Bi-lateral Trade'

This one apart from the Immigration issue should be of concern to Nigerians especially the Nigerian government.

Trump is expected to reiterate his opinion that 'America is open for business to only those willing to do business'. A two-sided trade agreement not the regime of the past.

"The world has taken advantage of us in trade for too long. And as you probably notice, we are stopping that. 

"We are stopping it cold. We have to have reciprocal trade. It's not a one-way deal anymore."