Who is really interested in going to sit in a place and watch comedians entertain and make him or her laugh when videos on Instagram and other social networks watched at home, with just a small amount of data, could give same laughter effect?

This dying interest in watching stand up comedy is a concern for Basketmouth.

He says a large number of comedians are becoming lazy and will prefer to make skits for Instagram than doing stand up comedy.

The award-winning comedian made this known during the recently held annual Social Media Week where he was a panellist at the Viacom Nigeria session themed ‘Music, Content and Consumer Experiences…Changing The African Narrative.

According to him, he still feels many comedians do not want to perfect their skills in stand-up comedy.

"There's nothing like a good joke. A joke can always be improved and even I often share some of my jokes with fellow comedians and they tell me it’s okay but tell me how to make it better.

"Doing skits on social media is very different from performing on stage. There is no filter on stage,'' he said.

Basketmouth advised comedians to work on all aspects of their craft because they do not know when next they would get that next big gig.

Bssketmouth recently launched his directorial career after directing the music video for his first single in 10 years (Yes he use to be a musician at some point in his life) and his first movie, horror flick entitled; 'The Exorcism of Alu'.

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