Succour has come the way of some Nigerian girls who had been working as sex slaves in Spain.

On Thursday, Europol announced that Spanish police have rescued 39 Nigerian girls and women from a notorious sex trafficking ring.

The traffickers were said to have kept the ladies in extremely dirty, cave-like houses and forced them to sell their bodies after threatening them with juju.

In a statement, Europol said the operation was carried out with British and Nigerian law enforcement agencies, leading to the arrests of 89 people including a popular Nigerian DJ.

It said the Nigerian crime ring was linked to the Eiye Confraternity - a network that Spanish police have previously compared to the mafioso in Chicago in the 1930s.

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The victims, many under the age of 18, were believed to have undergone juju rituals in Nigeria to force them to comply with orders.

After being trafficked to Spain via Libya and Italy, the women and girls were kept in cave houses in the southeastern city of Almeria, the statement noted.

They were then forced into prostitution to pay off “debts” of $36,900, about 13.3 million naira each, which they were told they owed the organisation for their journey to Europe.

Europol said the DJ had helped transfer the victims to Spain and “organise sexual exploitation” in several provinces.

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