Soyinka gave this warning at the launch of the organization’s civic media lab, located in Ikeja, Lagos.

The literary doyen made jokes about his presence at the event and congratulated Omoyele Sowore, its founder for the feat.

“I’m here under false pretences; I was told that I agreed to be present at the launch of this media centre,” Soyinka joked.

“Nobody said I was coming to launch it. My hearing may be a bit wonky, but you know… still here I am. Let me congratulate you once again on the launching of this media centre.

“I hope it makes the media more careful, now that people know where to come and find you and to deal with you when you go wrong, and I hope it will be a genuine media centre, which means that when we stop by, we would have a drink before we get to more serious tasks.

“I hope the media, when they do their launch will not be like the launching with which the nation was treated recently in Abuja. I think this nation — you and I — have been slapped in the face by some of the disgusting reprobates that we know in any level of connection with power”, he added.

Sowore appreciated Soyinka for his presence despite his busy schedule, citing his responsibilities at the Lagos at 50 planning and celebration.