Nigeria’s Kechi Okwuchi gave a quarterfinal performance to remember at America’s Got Talent.

The singer performed an inspirational cover of “By The Grace Of God” which has the lyrics “By the grace of God/ There was no other way/ I picked myself back up/ I knew I had to stay,” and “Now every morning there is no more mourning/ Oh, I can finally see myself again/ I know I am enough/ Possible to be loved.”

Her performance drew a standing ovation from the judges which left her in tears.

“You are a survivor, you are an inspiration,” Mel B said. “You give people hope and passion and belief.”

“You are a beacon of beauty and inspiration,” Howie Mandell added.

She now needs votes to move forward to the next stage. She wrote on her Instagram page following the show:

“I’m so emotional. You guys…this was an incredible experience. I am BEYOND grateful to God that I even made it this far. Anyway VOTING ENDS AT 4/6am central so please!! If I’m your @agtlive choice GET ON IT QUICK!! I would be so honored if you voted for me tonight! Call the number, go to or download the app!"

Kechi and another girl where the only 2 survivors of the 2005 Sosoliso plane crash that left 108 people dead.

Watch her performance below.