Google is launching its first Artificial Intelligence, AI research centre in Accra, Ghana - the first on the African continent.

“Today, we’re announcing a Google AI research center in Africa, which will open later this year in Accra, Ghana. We’ll bring together top machine learning researchers and engineers in this new center dedicated to AI research and its applications,” said a statement by Jeff Dean, Senior Fellow, Google AI, and Moustapha Cisse, Staff Research Scientist responsible for Google AI Center Accra.

They say this provides opportunity for AI researchers and software engineers on the continent looking to build a career around artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“AI has great potential to positively impact the world, and more so if the world is well represented in the development of new AI technologies.

“So, it makes sense to us that the world should be well represented in the development of AI. Our new AI center in Accra joins the list of other locations where we focus on AI, including Paris, Zurich, Tokyo, Beijing, Montreal, Toronto, Seattle, Cambridge/Boston, Tel Aviv/Haifa, New York, and our Mountain View/San Francisco headquarters.

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“If you’re a machine learning researcher interested in joining this new center, you can apply as a Research Scientist or a Research Software Engineer,” said Dean and Cisse in the statement.

They noted that “they have seen people across Africa do amazing things with the internet and technology—for themselves, their communities and the world” and that “over the past 10 years in which Google has had offices in Africa, we've been excited to be a part of that transformation.”

“In recent years we've also witnessed an increasing interest in machine learning research across the continent. Events like Data Science Africa 2017 in Tanzania, the 2017 Deep Learning Indaba event in South Africa, and follow-on IndabaX events in 2018 in multiple countries have shown an exciting and continuing growth of the computer science research community in Africa,” the statement added.

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