A son turns kidnapper and his father was the victim. This is not the kind of news you may like to read on Sunday but it happened.

zaProbably driven by impatience or greed, a young man resorted to criminal means to extort money from his father.

The Oyo State Police Command has paraded a 20-year-old man, Ibrahim Babatunde for the abduction of his father.

Babatunde had colluded with three of his friends, Babuga Salihu, 20, Aura Sands, 20 and Amuda Yusufu, 19 to form a kidnap gang.

The state Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Odude, said Babatunde was abducted in Igboora and spent three days in the den of his abductors.

The 20-year-old said he was lured into kidnapping after his father turned a blind eye to the welfare of his children.

“My father married many wives and he doesn’t care for us. We are left to fend for ourselves.  So, I think the only way to get money out of him is to organise his abduction and force him to part with the money. We collected 1 million Naira as ransom from our family.”

While revealing how the crime was planned and executed, Babatunde said he invited his friends after he was sure that the plan would succeed.

It remains to be seen if his father will press charges and have his son prosecuted for the crime which he has confessed to. Police authorities are awaiting the victim's decision on the matter.