Kiss Daniel is starting over again.

Last year he tweeted that he could not wait for 2018, so that his contract with G-Worldwide will end, but something changed his mind.

He jumped ship less than a year to the end of his contract, fueling the possibility that he paid himself out of the remaining months.

Even though Kiss Daniel and his former label are refusing to address why he did not complete his 5-year contract signed in 2013, many confirmed and unconfirmed facts have made the rounds.

So, we start with the fact.

Based on what was visible for the world to see, Kiss Daniel’s contract did not allow him to collaborate with other musicians outside his record label, except for in 2015 when he did the remix of his breakout single ‘Woju’ with Davido and Mavin first lady Tiwa Savage.

In a 2016 interview, he confirmed this when he said, "I’m signed to a record label and the management for now only allows me to collaborate with in-house artistes Dj Shabsy and Sugarboy. Maybe later I’ll do songs with other artistes but for now it’s out of it".

Since then he has only collaborated with label mate Sugar boy, and his album 'New Era' is a testament to this fact.

Then the unconfirmed fact.

In August 2015, news broke that Kiss Daniel was paid 50,000 Naira monthly. At that time, his record label denied the reports, but an inside source is quoted to have confirmed that problems with money was one of the main reasons that Kiss Daniel left the record label.

Commenting on the situation, Record Label Executive, Mazi Kaycee Oguejiofor who spoke to Bounce News said;

“You need a proper manager who understands the business of music, and an attorney who would be able to help you interpret what you are about to sign, so that you do not find yourself in the kiss Daniel G-worldwide situation.

"I am not saying G-worldwide is fair to Kiss Daniel but what I am saying is worldwide, record labels always have the final say.

"As great as Michel Jackson was, at a time he wanted to put out his album, Sony Music said he could not release the album. Micheal Jackson did a press conference where he was calling Tony Mottola, the then CEO of Sony Music, a devil.

"The record label normally have the upper hand, they did not force you to sign the contract. The problem is the artiste getting some one  to interpret the things on the contract to the artist."

kiss daniel

Going by the Kiss Daniel situation, Oguejiofor has the following advice for upcoming acts,

"The thing I tell an artiste is no matter how hungry you are, no matter how desperate you are, you always need a lawyer to run to. I understand that sometimes you might not be able to afford a lawyer, but the reality is there are entertainment lawyers who are willing to take you up as a client knowing that you do not have money now, but as you grow they are going to get paid"

Nigerians wait to see what direction Kiss Daniel's career will take now that he is flying solo on his new Fly Boy Inc record label.

We can only wish him the best.