Last week, Somalia family whose relatives were mistakenly killed during a military raid, refused to bury their dead until the government admits their faults and pay a compensation.

It appears the protest has paid off because the Somali government has agreed to pay what it called ‘blood money’ to the families.

This was after it also admitted to the killing of at least 10 men and boys in the joint U.S.-Somali raid carried out last week.

“The 10 people were civilians. They were killed accidentally... The government and relatives will discuss about compensation. We send condolence to the families,” said lawmaker Mohamed Ahmed Abtidon at a public funeral held for the 10, who were killed in a raid in Bariire village on Friday.

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U.S.-Africa Command had confirmed the presence of U.S. troops in the raid, carried out under the expanded powers that U.S. President Donald Trump granted to U.S. troops in Somalia in March.

U.S. officials have not publicly commented on the raid since Friday, when they said they were investigating reports of civilian casualties.

The Somali government appointed a high-level investigation into the incident which was due to give its findings on Thursday.

Clan elder Ibrahim Hassan Ali said that they had reached an agreement with the government late on Wednesday.

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