Sokoto State is likely to witness an increase in its population in the next one year, which will be the aftermath of a mass wedding it plans to conduct for 100 couples in the next one month.

The State with a 2017 budget proposal of 204.3 billion Naira plans to spend about 0.016 per cent of that budget - 32 million Naira - on getting people married and giving them other things that indicate the plan may materialise into a "go and give birth" thing.

Announcing the plan at a chat with the News Agency of Nigeria, the State Commissioner of Religious Affairs, Mani Katami, said that the state government would pay the bride price of all the 100 would-be brides and each of the brides would be given bridal materials such as beds, mattresses, bedding and other household items.

He also said that the government would train the would-be couples in different skills to empower them.

"We are expecting the report of the main committee set up for the purpose of planning of the mass wedding.

"The main committee is overseeing the activities of other sub-committees such as those on security and medical screening.

"Afterward, we would organise a one-week training on skills acquisition for the would-be couples," he said.

The commissioner explained that each of the brides and grooms would also be given seed capital to enable them to start small scale businesses.

"Measures have also been taken to routinely monitor the marital lives of the couples to ensure the sustainability of the marriage.

"We are taking all necessary measures to conduct the planned mass wedding in accordance with the Islamic Sharia,” Katami said, giving an indication that the plan only favours muslins in the state.

It is the second time that the state government would be performing such mass wedding in the past three years. On January 24, 2014, Sokoto State spent 30 million on the mass wedding of 125 couples.

This 100 mass wedding will now cost the state 32 million Naira higher by 2 million Naira and 25 couples less than the previous number.

Mr Katami's announcement is coming few weeks after Kano State conducted a similar mass wedding for over 1,500 couples across 44 local government areas.