Talent is dying among young Nigerians, apparently a reason you can hardly find a Nigerian that will discover a new thing.

The situation has been worsened by an already outdated curriculum that schools in Nigeria run.

But all hope is not lost, as some individuals in Sokoto are initiating something good that can change the tide if it will be implemented to the letter.  

The need to completely bring out every hidden talent in young indigenes of the State has resulted in a proposal by members of the Sokoto State House of Assembly for the state government to establish talent discovery units in primary and secondary schools.

They believe this will encourage talented students to aspire for greatness.

The assembly also wants the government to reinforce guidance and counselling units in the schools, to guide students in their pursuit of quality education.

One thing that is lacking in Nigeria is career guide, a more reason you find people in disciplines they have no business with.

The Sokoto lawmakers’ resolution followed a motion moved by Sani Yakubu, which stressed the need to identify and nurture talents early enough in the state school system.

Yakubu said the idea was “in view of the importance of education in every meaningful sector that wished to strive to progress, excel and also keep in line with global innovation and challenges.

“Accordingly, lack of early identification and development of talent mostly jeopardise the chances of such students to aspire to greater heights and explore their full potentials.

“Therefore, talent discovery units if established will go a long way in identifying such talented pupils who only require mentoring, guidance and support to excel and become experts in their field of studies,” he said.

Yakubu believes that state has been blessed with abundance of such talented students at every level of education and not nurturing them would have an adverse effect on their lives.