I had passed the Shanties at Fagba Rail Line area a day before and they were all standing.

It was like a dream, when I saw that every standing shanty had been levelled like the walls of Jericho.

Apparently the dream of a mega city has caught up with the location once and for all.

Talk about the walls of Jericho, the shanties were a true representation of the walls, since it had become a pain to state authorities. 

The only difference is that the Fagba Shanties were not brought down spiritually and they were mostly inhabited by people who speak Hausa. 

Several times, the shanties have been demolished, but they returned to live like the antagonist in Terminator - the movie. 

It had become a shanty for drug abusers who traded several other banned items in between.

Fagba Shanty destruction.
What was left of the shanties after they were demolished in 2017, but it was rebuilt

It was a location for scavengers to sell their metal treasures found in different locations within the community.

This was an economic impact it had on the lives of the dwellers and the buyers of the scrap.  

But it was also a delicate abode for persons who live there, as it was very close to a rail line. 

Try again

Few months ago, a train derailed very close to the area and passers-by were full of thanksgiving to God that it did not happen at the area where the shanties were. 

The demolition was quick and painless as the state government seems to have gotten it right. 

A bulldozer had come to pull down every shanty and cleared the rubble after the demolition. 

fagba shanty demolished again
A police van is stationed at the location to deter dwellers from returning

The difference this time is that the State government has erected a barricade around the line and stationed policemen in the area to ensure no one returns. 

One will only wait to see whether the shanties with nine lives will return or not. But it truly looks like an end has come to it.

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fagba shanty demolished again
This is what the location looks like now
Lagos Mega city dreams and fagba shanties